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My name is Koloto Siraji, a Ugandan contemporary artist and researcher. My method explores the bagisu philosophies of dance and art. Embracing and celebrating the bagisu traditions through the lens of modernity. It is my intention to revisit the old wisdom of dance. My creation lab inhabits a space between merging the traditional and urban dance forms to spark out fragments of a contemporary wave.
I work between the error of post-colonialism and decolonization. Investigating the body as a medium to give new narratives. I’m curious about how I can use the body in space to transfer information and dance the agony in humanity. My art is most grounded in the lives of my communities and my ancestry. I’m most interested in making people feel, think and question; in relation to environment, politics, and humanity. My work offers no easy answers but seeks to provoke questioning in the audience; triggering them to think and seek individual perception and responsibility in the action. I produce my work as performances, dance films and installation art.

What I do...

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I produce performances that investigate humanity. Work that speaks directly from the world of thoughts to visuals...

Dance Films

I intend to create films that research humanity and speak to the world. Films that bring the human imagination to visual reality...

Installation Art

I play with found objects, recycled materials to create spaces and temporary sculptures that redefine the presence of art......

My Artisitic Belief

Welcome to my world of research, tales, beliefs, thoughts and opinions.
All my works are influenced by how I feel and think about situations.

My Creation Embryo?

Art and Humanity!

My Research and Philosophy?

Dwelling in a background that is culturally, spiritually and economically damaged. I find my path through
creating incubation processes involving practicing my art on a living body.

I draw my interest to understand the relationship
between the body and space.

Artistic Statement

My art involves Body movement, Film and construction of objects, sculptures, and installations that explore representations and activities of political, social and cultural powers.
My Artisitic Statement

My Creations, News, updates and all you need to know!

As a contemporary artist, all my work is as a result of deep artistic research
and is at most intimate to me. I produce my work as Performances, Dance films and Installation art.
More Projects

When the body speaks,
Silence becomes the loudest voice.

As a contemporary artist with an African heritage and backbone of the bugisu philosophies of art, it is in my DNA to dance, to move and feel the atmosphere of flow, to be vibrant and aggressive. But some stories I choose to tell by creating images and spaces of fantasy to give viewers time to dig in the art work and seek their own interests, imaginations and meanings.
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