Koloto Siraji is a Ugandan conceptual artist, dancer, thinker, and researcher whose multifaceted artistic practice traverses film, installation, and performance. Grounded in the rich philosophical tapestry of Bagisu traditions, his work is a dynamic fusion of ancestral wisdom and contemporary expression. Central to Koloto's artistic methodology is a profound engagement with Bagisu philosophies of dance art, merging traditional concepts with modern practices. This prompts him to rediscover the ancient wisdom of dance by deconstructing Bagisu traditional dances and blending them with urban/street dance styles, creating a poignant set of movements that express a contemporary identity. This approach significantly enriches the Bagisu art and rituals of movement
Navigating the realms of post-colonialism and decolonization, Koloto explores the human body as a medium to convey new narratives. Intrigued by the potential of the body in space to communicate information and encapsulate the human experiences, His art is deeply rooted in the lives of his communities and ancestry. A distinctive characteristic of Koloto's artistic work is its refusal to offer facile answers. Instead, his work is a call to reflection, inviting the audience to feel, think, and question the complex dimensions of the world. Particularly drawn to making people feel, think, and question aspects related to gender, politics, environment and climate change, human rights, economics, and cultural issues, encouraging people to contemplate and take individual responsibility for their actions.

My Approach?

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my performances are often fit for theater, open space and exhibition formats. Text, film, costumes and sound make a big component of my performances.

Dance Films

I create films that research humanity. Bringing the human imagination to visual reality. I work with lens, movement and object to create a single body of work...

Installation Art

I play with found objects, text, images and archival materials to create spaces that represent the diversity of visual art.....

Artistic History!

Welcome to my world of research, tales, beliefs, thoughts and opinions.
All my works are influenced by how I feel and think about situations.

Artistic Background?

I’m immensely trained in the bagisu traditional artistry. Since 2004, I have been working with traditional dance elders in my tribe “Bagisu” as a student, teacher and community choreographer for the traditional dance gatherings and rituals of movement. It is from this rich artistic background that I explore philosophies and theories that shape my contemporary identity.


Impact and Legacy?

Dwelling in a background that is culturally, spiritually and economically damaged. I find my path through
creating incubation processes involving practicing my art on a living body.

I draw my interest to understand the relationship
between the Body, Space and Time.

Artistic Statement

My art involves Body movement, Film and construction of objects, sculptures, and installations that explore representations and activities of political, social and cultural powers.
Artisitic Statement

My Works

My work is a result of deep artistic research and is intimate to me. I produce my work as Performances, Dance films and Installation art. Take a walk through my previous works.
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