Artistic Statement

I originate from a black ancestry and a colonial country drowned with trans-generational conflicts.

Growing up amidst historical, cultural and political conflicts.

I originate from a black ancestry and a culturally rich tribe (Bagisu). I find myself constantly dancing between the bridges of my traditional cultures and the callings of modernity. This triggers my intention to deprogram the rules imposed on artistic expressions, seeking to mirror own sense of being and spirit. I reject the colonial narratives of living and rather choose to break the invisible mental chains that confine us as a human. My artistic practice pushes the human consciousness to freedom of thought and expression. Breaking free from the narratives that shape us against us but rather seek to shape us with us for us as a human.

I find my path through creating incubation processes. This involves practicing my art on a living body, construction of objects, sculptures, installations, films and performance works that explore representations and activities of political, social and cultural powers. consumerism, culturalism and environmentalism. My works intend to investigate stories of the world and narrate stories from my black ancestry and my personal experiences as an African. I focus on the interplay of internal and external experiences that connect the physical being with the psychological and spiritual realms. This drives the emotional chemistry of my artistic creations. I work with emotions such as Fear, love, sorrow and hope depending on the dramaturgy of the work. My habit loops in revisiting history, defining the present and creating futuristic projections. My works are abstract and give no direct answers but awaken questions in every soul and compel each individual to seek responsibility of their actions.

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