Installation Art

I play with found objects to create temporary sculptures, adding to images, and formulated machines to create installations that represent my opinions.
I play with found objects, wasted and recycled materials to recreate them into living unique artistic concepts that shape shift through sculptures, formulated machines, animations and fictional visuals.
My installations line from temporary to permanent and growing works. These works are suitable for museums, galleries, festivals and site specific venues plus other alternate spaces.
I find fantasy in working with materials mostly from my childhood playfulness and my African upbringing. I want to rethink these materials and give them a new purpose in developed modern spaces.

I draw my interest to understand the relationship between time and space. installation and novels. Originating from a culture whose traditional  form of communication is art, I place my research on the ancient African traditional art practices. I blend these with modern practices to create my own artistic accent. I use this as the ink to write/rewrite history, narrate stories of the modern world and interpret futuristic projections.

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