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This work intends to project how human kind would suffer because of his financial greed. The piece is a blend of emotions and movements. This is been performed as a site specific project. Plastication is a choreographic project that I developed to project the future if we continued to dispose plastics the way we are […]

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The Last Fisherman is an Environmental Dance Film that addresses critical issues of water pollution, waste discharge, and industrialization as key contributors to environmental degradation and the climate crisis. Executed as a dance film, this work narrates the story of the fishermen tribe, whose lives were intertwined with the waters they depended on for sustenance. […]

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BASAMBWA (of the gods)

Basambwa is a conceptual dance film that weaves in the relationship between art, nature and the human body. Focused on an Afro-centric artistry, criticism, and spiritual awareness. I play with the concepts of camouflage, mystery, human body installation and movement to create visuals that immerse experiences for people to explore their relationship to nature and […]

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Dancing the past is a movement based work in progress that traverses video work and body movements. The piece revisits and intentionally questions the political history of Uganda. What is independence in the colonial model? What is it mean to have  independence? This work was partly researched in Essen Germany. Still in research phases Watch […]

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Bodies at risk is a movement research performance that I collaborate with Germany based choreographer Anton Rudakov. The work intends to question the idea of body and intimacy. Looking at the deepest understanding of self identity and self direction. We work with interdependence and independence. Flowing in spaces of dominance, rejection and acceptance,  vulnerability and […]

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Visitor is an installation and interactive performance work that investigates the lies of ink. Questioning the history of Uganda and its writers. Revisiting the materiality and spatial-temporal of the country. This work intends to explore the invisible colonial systems that govern the nation. How shall a generation seek path to its originality when the history wasn’t […]

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Researched as part of my residency at PACT ZOLLVEREIN in Germany, this experimental work in progress is questioning the nature of a living body from the perspective of an African. This involved reflecting on my own childhood traumas and trans-generational conflicts as well as looking at an African body as an archive of trans-generational history. […]

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This short dance film addresses questions of the economical, and psychological effects of religious teachings in African societies. We have come to believe that we can solve our economic problems with a spiritual solution. That we can invest our smallest cent for a prayer than for startup. That we should spread our hands wide seeking […]

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This performance highlights the constant friction between Uganda’s education system and the traditional realities of the common man life. The performance reflects how Ugandan local communities stand in the edges between literacy and illiteracy. Seeking to better the approach to formal education. Performrd as part of the Omwoleso events. Filmed and edited by Jah-Knight Watch […]

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Call of the Winds

Movement research film where I want to find the relationship between the body, objects and the environment. I want to dance the agony of these objects and have a deeper conversation with the space. To better understand and connect with the space and its objects. I intend to interact with random objects in random spaces. […]

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Embracing the Emptiness

This piece questions the postcolonial agendas and the relationship between Africa and the western community. Highlighting the transfer ofpower, culture and knowledge through generations. Embracing the emptiness is a piece I choreographed on myself and Anton Rudakov a Germany based dancer and choreographer. This is a work in progress. Below is a project video

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