Basambwa is a conceptual dance film that weaves in the relationship between art, nature and the human body. Focused on an Afro-centric artistry, criticism, and spiritual awareness. I play with the concepts of camouflage, mystery, human body installation and movement to create visuals that immerse experiences for people to explore their relationship to nature and the climate crisis, connecting human beings to a larger ecosystem. Nonhuman experiences are one important part to form an understanding of what nature is doing for us and how we can imagine and create healthy ways to inhabit our planet Earth. Especially in places where the degradation of the natural environment is so severe and there are no active policies to protect nature. And when people lose trust in those responsible for protecting the natural environment, their only hopes lay to a belief that they will sing the gods and dance the rituals of the rain to heal droughts.

The full Film is available on request, designed in 3 presentation chapters:

1) The performance chapter,

2) Installation chapter

3) Screening

The work had its first performative screening in Amsterdam.

Created, produced and performed by KOLOTO SIRAJI

Filmed by Kizza Moses most known as Director Teflon

FUNDED BY: Prince Claus Fund and Goethe-institut

WITH SUPPORT FROM: Ensibuko Arts Foundation


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