The Last Fisherman is an Environmental Dance Film that addresses critical issues of water pollution, waste discharge, and industrialization as key contributors to environmental degradation and the climate crisis. Executed as a dance film, this work narrates the story of the fishermen tribe, whose lives were intertwined with the waters they depended on for sustenance. The narrative unfolds against a backdrop of water pollution and industrial discharge, where policies crumbled in the face of corruption, leaving the waters unprotected. Koloto, the last fisherman, witnesses the devastation and vows to restore the waters, preserving the memory of the once pristine lake Nalubale.

The film explores the profound connection to water, especially living by the shores of Lake Nalubale (Victoria), Africa’s largest lake at the source of the Nile. In my community, rampant pollution from factories directly affects these water bodies, while subsistence agriculture is marred by poor waste disposal. Additionally, ecologically rich swamplands, legally protected but threatened by uncontrolled commercial building, are part of my surroundings. The project digs into the inter-relationship of water, land, and humanity, a persistent reality in my community.

The film aims to research community, commercial, and political activities related to these issues, employing dance and choreography to mirror environmental challenges. Collaborating with my community dance group, we express the environmental agony through body movement in space and time. Ultimately, the dance-film portrays the multifaceted manifestations of water pollution and conveys the impact and experience of that pollution.

Full Film available on request

The work is designed for 3 presentation formats: Screening, Installation and Performative presentation

Produces with Funds from Prince Claus Fund and Goethe-institut

With support from Ensibuko Arts Foundation (EAF)

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